Project: The French Boutique (Part 2)

Well anyone that reads my other blog will know that I have been painting the furniture for my little French Boutique.  Most of it has been completed, but I am working on the large wardrobe at present.

I have also purchased a large sheet (1200x600x3mm) of Suntuf Handi-Art foamed PVC sheet to help with building the diorama. It is made by Palram Australia P/L and is available from Bunnings for AU$21 per sheet. 

According to my source, David Neat: "It can be easily cut with a scalpel, or carved, sanded, even embossed to a certain extent. It can be painted without any danger of warping (though it will usually require priming first) is not affected by humidity or (within reason) heat from strong lights. It is also incredibly light." 

I am looking forward to beginning this in the very near future, but for now, I must stay focused and finish what I have already begun. :)


Project: The French Boutique (Part 1)

Art Deco began in Europe, particularly Paris, in the early years of the 20th century, but didn't really take hold until after World War I. It reigned until the outbreak of World War II.

It coincided with the American Jazz Age, the era in history which started with the end of  World War I, when jazz music, modern ideas, flappers and dance became popular. It all ended with the Wall Street crash and the beginning of the Great Depression of 1929.

Being extremely fond of both, made selecting colours to paint my little boutique a challenge, as I had to decide between the two completely different decorating styles. The Art Deco's strong geometric patterns featured black, white and gold, whereas the Jazz Age decorating colours were generally light neutrals or shades of grey, with accessories and accents in vibrant colors like Chinese Red and Blue Peacock.

To help me choose I looked at wallpapers next, and although there were some rather eye catching black and gold designs, I thought this pretty pastel one (or something very similar) would project the feminine image I had in mind for my  little boutique.

This of course meant that Salon Rose would probably be my choice for the exterior and Frostwork for the interior walls. Furniture, which I have been currently working on, has been painted in a slightly different shade of grey,

Had I been making a nightclub diorama, I most certainly have gone the other way. I mean, just look at these stunning geometric designed wallpapers! Can't you just see them in a nightclub?

Maybe one day I'll use them in another diorama . . . the thought of designing an Art Deco night club, as  tempting as it is . . . is, to say the least . . . a task for some other time. :)


Although I'm completely over setting goals as each new year begins, I do have a strong desire to build a room box. One with a front . . . just like a doll house, but with only one room. I can see this so clearly in my mind . . . it will actually be a boutique . . . a French one, with a large front window, or maybe two and a large entry door. 

There will be a sign above the store in bright gold letters and it will read . . .

. . . and inside the store you will find something like this . . .

. . . just not quite this period in time though. :)

I will most probably need hubby's help to achieve it exactly as I envisage, but I am so sure this is something we can complete together, I have already ordered furniture.

One thing I am unsure about is the the decorating colours, not sure whether to choose pretty and petite or something totally outrageous .  .  . what do you think? Perhaps I shall simply improvise as I proceed, we will have to wait and see. :)

Thank you for dropping by today.



As always, it's things that I see in my every day life that often inspire me, like my Guiseppe Armani figurines. Perhaps you may have seen them at some time or other. Although many of his figurines were fully painted and glazed, I have always preferred the simple white matt finished girls with the delicately hand painted faces, like the one on the right.

Giuseppe Armani was an Italian sculptor and artist. Born in 1935, he died in 2006. He was recognized as a gifted artist at an early age and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He soon became well known from his artwork at the Art Gallery in Pisa and in 1973 he became associated with the Florence Sculture d'Arte in Tuscany.

The pieces I own are elegant, with sculptured clothes that drape beautifully over the body. So when I look at them, I cannot help being inspired to design clothes for my dolls.

Of course listening to trad jazz playing in the background while I sew, is inspirational in itself and I particularly enjoy ragtime, especially when it's played on a piano.


Beads and Lace

I've been sewing the last couple of days and am currently working on a couple of 1920's flapper dresses.

I had these embroidered laces in my stash and I was also lucky to find some embellishments which were the perfect colour match.

The lavender embellishment will be perfect for straps on the navy lace and will pick up on the embroidery nicely. I'll probably use the applique on the bodice of the ivory lace, then bead it in shades of pink to match the embroidery.

I want to keep the actual style of the dress really simple and add elaborate finishing touches. I just wish these dolls didn't have such big boobs though. Flapper dresses are quite straight and these dolls have really curvaceous bodies.

Now all I need to do is hunt around for some tiny beads, I'm sure I have a few packets somewhere in my stash. In the meantime it's back to sewing.



I was a little skeptical as to whether I should go ahead with writing this blog, knowing full well that less people seem to be interested in reading blogs these days. There are so many media options for people to choose from, it's becoming impossible to read them all and it seems many people just like to quickly skim photos.

However, this is something I've wanted to do for quite sometime, though not having the appropriate dolls to dress, it's been quietly simmering on the back burner until now.

The first two dolls I purchased specifically to dress, came to me quite quickly one after the other.

The first was a pre-owned MIB Holly Golightly from the 2011 Breakfast at Tiffany's collection. She came with her stand, CoA and original box.

The second, a 2018 Luxe Life Convention Exclusive Nude Alysa Item #CCBH8, came directly from Integrity toys. No stand, CoA or box, just in a bag inside her shipper.

I am currently waiting on a third doll. Item #PP143, a pre-owned fabulous nude Chiller Thriller Poppy Parker. She was an Integrity Toys Direct Souvenir Shop Exclusive doll from the 2018 Fashion Royalty Luxe Life Convention. She comes with a stand and certificate in her original box. She will be just perfect for the one of a kind make-over I have planned.

For some reason, and completely out of character for me, I actually managed to buy three dolls who were not redheads.  I will need one though, so I shall be keeping my eyes open for one at a reasonable price.

These dolls will be the runway models for my 1920's fashion line. As much as I admire other costumes which have been beautifully designed and sewn, I want to create my own period designs. My fashion label will be called "All That Jazz".