Project: 1:6 Scale Nightclub (Pt 2)

It's been a busy week of projects for me. After much thought, I decided against marbling the nightclub floor, so I spent one whole day cutting out and sticking down one hundred and twenty 40 mm square tiles for the floor instead. It was quite tedious and I was happy when it was finally completed. I think the scale looks about right, the tiles would be 24cm (roughly 9.5in) tiles IRL. 

However, I'm not so sure about the supposedly 1:6 scale piano which arrived Friday, it's a little smaller than I expected. The measurements read  L7.87in x W5.51in x H6.30in, but I didn't realise that the height measurement was taken when the lid was up! It's actually only 4 inches high with lid closed, so I'm going to have to either look for a short doll or chop the doll's legs off at the knees to get it to fit properly behind the piano! :)

I also spent a good deal of time browsing online and in Bunnings for something I could use as columns, but more on that later. Of course having projects on both blogs easily eats up my time and the week has flown by before I know it.

There's still a little way to go with this project, I haven't quite finished decorating the walls, or put the skirt on the stage, or made covers for the chairs . . . and so on it goes, always something else to add or improve . . . but that's what makes it so much fun.

Although I decided against a short doll or one I would have to dismember, I did manage to find a male IT doll at a reasonable price, who I might add looks nothing like a jazz pianist, but I'm not really into male dolls that much, that I am overly fussy about his looks. As long as he was reasonably handsome, and he is, I was happy. :)


Project: 1:6 Scale Nightclub (Pt 1)

Well so much for March! I can't believe how quickly this year is moving along, pity I can't move along as fast. :) Projects have been absorbing much of my time and I have been working on several since the beginning of the year.

Today I managed to glue my theme fabric. which I had made especially in this scale, to the walls of "The White Panther Jazz Club". I am so pleased the way this turned out, thank heavens for spray adhesive!

I also made a small stage and took a quick photo to show you (taken on my kitchen table, please don't take any notice of my table cloth), and although it looks pretty good as it is, I'm still not sure whether to add a gold curtain trim from the edge of the stage to the floor. I also am thinking about making loose covers for the chairs.

The nightclub is quite a large room, the left wall measures 28cm long, the right wall 56cm long and their height is 60cm to allow for head clearance once my singer is on the stage.

Because the walls are so dark, the flooring is stumping me a bit, however, white marble seems to keep coming to the forefront. This shouldn't be too hard to achieve with either using a recently acquired painting technique or perhaps a marble tile. Either way, I'd really like the club to have a really luxurious feel about it.

I have a 1:6 scale white grand piano arriving in a few weeks (hopefully sooner, but it's coming from overseas and you all know what that means) which will sit to the left of the stage. When I think about this I keep wondering if I need a male doll to play the part of the pianist. :)

Isn't it amazing how one thing leads to another in this game? Biggest problem is having him arrive in time for the opening. Well that's it for today, I'd better get back to it.